My app won’t connect with my ZIIP (Apple)

Sometimes all the app needs is a simple refresh. Close out of everything (you must actually close out/swipe away the ZIIP App) and try again. 
If that does not resolve the issue, here's what to do: 

1. Open the ZIIP App & tap Select a Treatment.
2. Choose a treatment and tap Start Treatment. Follow prompts.
3. If your ZIIP is still not syncing, let's check your permissions. Your Apple device requires us to first ask permission to use your devices's Bluetooth connectivity in order to successfully sync with your ZIIP device:
From Settings, scroll down to the ZIIP Beauty App. Tap it and open the next screen. The Bluetooth button should be green. If it is not, please press the toggle button to allow ZIIP access to your Bluetooth. You should now be able to continue syncing & treating your skin without interruption! 

If your app is still not connecting to your ZIIP after you've run through these steps, please contact