The Ultimate ZIIP Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The ZIIP Gifts To Give (and Receive) This year 

Step into the world of ZIIP this festive season and discover our curated Holiday gift guide. Where cutting-edge skincare technology meets the magic of the Holidays, we're here to unveil the beauty gifts that your loved ones truly desire. At ZIIP, we've harnessed the power of electricity and innovation to create a range of out of this world products that make for the perfect Holiday gifts. Whether you're searching for a thoughtful gift for someone special or a hint of self-indulgence, let us walk you through the beauty products to gift this season.


For those who are just discovering the ZIIP HALO

Meet ZIIP HALO, the world’s only home use beauty device to deliver a range of immediate and lasting results that only get better over time. Perfect for those wanting to invest in their skincare journey, the ZIIP HALO gives endless benefits, powered by it’s unique ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology™. HALO comes pre-programmed with THE LIFT, a quick 4-minute facial treatment. For more complex treatments, unlock the ultimate selection of salon-grade facials, developed with 20 years of professional expertise, via the ZIIP App.





For an Intense Facial Experience: Golden Gel

The ZIIP Golden Gel is a must-have for skincare enthusiasts who relish intense, youth-preserving treatments. Infused with five growth factors, it's designed to firm, smooth, and relax fine lines, all while delivering a rejuvenating effect on the skin. 





For the ZIIP Enthusiast with Sensitive Skin: Silver Gel

The Silver Gel is the ideal conductive gel for ZIIP users with temperamental skin. This formula is a calming blend, featuring the ZIIP Electric Complex Gel, finely-crushed pearl for luminosity, and a sophisticated, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid from Japan, alongside soothing cucumber and aloe. While it's a must-have for sensitive skin types, it's adored by all ZIIP enthusiasts.





For the Ingredient-Conscious: Crystal Gel

Buying for a beauty enthusiast who's just as passionate about the ingredients in their products as they are the results they see? Our Crystal Gel is crafted from an all-organic formula that delivers added radiance and repair. Powered by three potent actives, including an amino acid called glutathione for an otherworldly glow, it's the go-to choice for those seeking a fusion of 100% vegan and organic ingredients.





For the every day ZIIP User: Electric Complex Gel

Our Electric Complex Gel boasts a highly conductive formulation that enables Dual Waveforms to effectively penetrate the skin. The lightweight formula is safe for every day use and lasts the duration of all ZIIP treatments while having a refreshing feel on the skin. This makes it a ZIIP essential and is the perfect gift for someone who uses their ZIIP regularly.