21 Unexpected Beauty Products That Can Multitask for a Head-to-Toe Glow

by | MAY 1, 2020

Now more than ever, I've found myself trying to get the absolute most out of my current collection of products. I'm THAT person who scrapes every last iota of peanut butter from the jar and will store my precious bottles of serums and oils upside down for weeks on end to ensure the tiniest drop doesn't succumb to premature recycling. I also have this habit of trying to apply my favorite beauty products over every inch of my body—legs, hair, face, cuticles, boobs. If I find a use for it, it shall be used! As a result, a product's multitasking potential is something I keep top of mind while shopping for new beauty staples as well—especially if they have sting-inducing price tags.

Turns out I'm definitely not the only person who exhibits this type of behavior. To gather some additional data, I took to Who What Wear's beauty Slack channel and asked all of my fellow product-loving co-workers to share the beauty finds they use wherever and whenever they feel like it to boost their glow. Keep scrolling for the big reveal!

Best for: face, under-eyes, neck, chest, and lips

Okay, so this gold conductive gel is specifically meant to work in tandem with your Ziip Beauty Nano Current Device ($495) (which, to be honest, is one of the most worthwhile beauty splurges you can possibly make). That said, I've also started incorporating the gel alone into my routine as more of a treatment/masking situation since my results using it along with the device have been so remarkable. After just a few uses, my skin cleared, tightened, de-puffed, and looked so much brighter and dewier. So while I recommend treating yourself to the device if your budget allows, please know this hematite-, snail venom–, and bio-placenta–laden gel is a complexion game changer in its own right. I'll slather it on my face, neck, chest, under-eyes, or lips whenever I need a pick-me-up.

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