I Tried a $500 Skin-Clearing Device—and It Worked

As someone with highly reactive, sensitive skin who has struggled for years with an emotionally debilitating skin disorder and, lately, cystic acne on my chin that comes in horrific flare-ups, I am in the catch-22 of being a beauty editor with a fear of trying new skin treatments. It’s my face, after all, and anyone who has suffered with unsightly skin issues knows that in the rare times your skin has reached stasis (which, at least for me, is only ever a cruel few days of normalcy guaranteed to cycle back to “bad” at some point even without my spurring that on), it takes a lot to be willing to risk unsettling that state of equilibrium voluntarily on something new.

As such, something has to be extremely compelling, the science behind it has to make sense, and I have to trust, in my gut, that the experts behind a product or device know what they’re doing for me to try it. That criteria was met and more when I received the opportunity to experience facialist and “electrical esthetician” to the stars Melanie Simon’s nanocurrent skincare device, ZIIP. If I hadn’t had a good feeling about it, I would have just said no, as I do all the time. But I heard about Simon’s innovations in the beauty industry, and the technology behind the device sounded like something life-changing. Read on for my—someone whose skin is fickle and whose standards for experimenting (at least on my face) are airtight—honest experience. ZIIP Device ZIIP Device $495 SHOP What Is a ZIIP Nanocurrent Skincare Device? The box, presentation, and design of the product are unlike any beauty device you’ve ever seen. Simply put, the ZIIP ($495) looks like an insanely sleek, sexy computer mouse (see photos above and below) that you turn on and rub in circles over your skin to deliver nanocurrency—which is basically electricity. When turned on, it delivers nano-sized electrical currents deep in the cellular level of your skin to zap bacteria and promote younger-looking skin.

Fortunately for me, when I first met elanie Simon in a suite at one of my favorite venues in L.A., Palihouse, to learn about her fan-favorite ZIIP, she gave me a nanocurrent facial using the device, taught me all about how to use it, and sent me home with it (and the charger, travel bag, and six vials of the conductive Golden Gel that comes with it) to experience on my own. Of course, this was after proving to have the most perfect complexion I've ever seen, which only made me want to use the device even more.

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