We could all use a hug...especially now! With that in mind, today's post features products that deliver a sunlit and soothing, comforting embrace in the realm of skincare, fragrance and foundation as well as newness from SUQQU, Victoria Beckham Beauty, IT Cosmetics and more, all nestled on a lush cashmere throw that I curl up in almost every single evening.

// SKINCARE // One powerful device, one luxurious fragrance and an array of skin pampering formula that effortlessly and purposefully fit into one's regimen.

  • *ZIIP: After experimenting with it earlier this year with very positive results, I am back to using the ZIIP as a part of my regular routine. This innovative micro current and nanocurrent device offers nine different skincare treatments (including programs for fine lines and wrinkles, lymphatic drainage, acne, pigmentation and all over firming and toning) and that are easy to follow via video on the ZIIP app. Each time I use it, my skin feels more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. The ZIIP OX also comes with an unprecedented clean and organic Crystal conductive gel so even sensitive skin can reap the benefits without irritation. As a special gift to my Beauty Professor readers, use the code BP10 for 10% off your ZIIP!
  • *Parfums de Marly Herod: When I am in the mood for a warm and comforting fragrance, I reach for this blissful juice. It is exotic yet familiar, alluring yet reassuring. With notes of tobacco leaf, Oud, musk, vanilla and cinnamon, it's the quintessential autumn and winter skin scent. Currently, use code BeautyProfessor for two hand picked samples (by me!) with any fragrance order.
  • *Ranavat Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser (reviewed HERE): I use this cleanser in my shower for the most decadent cleansing process; it removes every last trace of dirt and makeup while leaving my skin feeling super smooth and balanced. The *Ranavat Ritual Key adds a special twist--literally--as it skillfully and securely dispenses the cream.
  • *Ubatuba Tan After Sun Lotion: So restorative after a post-sun session, this lotion also contains natural mosquito repellent which we desperately need when spending time in the backyard as mosquitos are plentiful this time of year. I put it on Joey and myself for moments outside and am so impressed by the protection.
  • *Givenchy L’Intemporel Blossom Glow Boosting Mask: Luminescence in a gorgeous pink tube, this mask reveals glowy and bright skin with each application. It is especially effective to enliven a tired complexion, reversing dullness in mere minutes!

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