Products That Change the Way We Travel

The 2020 Legend Awards By The Editors on May 12, 2020

The 2020 Legend Awards are meant to serve as inspiration for future travel—when it is safe to do so. Learn more about this year's awards on our methodology page.

Every year, our travel habits change. And those habits are impacted in large part by what we bring with us when traveling. Just think, how different were your travel habits in the days when you traveled without a smartphone? What did you cart with you when the only way to send emails while abroad was to head down to the hotel’s business center, or to the Internet cafe on the corner?

Obviously, we’re far removed from the days of traveling without a smartphone and relying only on a metro map and a semi-well-honed sense of direction. But we’re also far from hitting the innovation ceiling in terms of travel products. Indeed, travel accessories get “smarter” each year, finding new ways to harness technology to solve a problem we didn’t know we had, until it makes our lives infinitely better.

Our favorite products this year are the ones that allowed us to travel safer, smarter, and more efficiently. These accessories kept us organized, charged, well-rested, and ultimately, better equipped to travel successfully. Our travel product Legend Awards honorees are:

ZIIP GX is easily one of our favorite travel beauty products of the year. An all-in-one facial device with nine treatments, ZIIP GX can treat acne and dark spots, brighten the eye area, or encourage lymphatic drainage and contour (i.e., fight the puffiness that comes with air travel and jet lag). The device comes with a facial primer gel that’s under three ounces, too, so you can carry it onto the plane to treat your face in-flight.

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