Summer Beauty, Decoded

It’s July. Your face is probably puffy, your hair frizzy. How to address your hot-weather skin and hair woes.

By July 5, 2019

Here, solutions for the most vexing hair and skin problems of the season. Then indulge in a dose of sheer makeup fun.

One unwelcome side effect of summer travel is extra baggage, and not just the kind you have to check.

“Puffiness is the No. 1 complaint I get during the summer,” said Melanie Simon, a celebrity facialist and the founder of ZIIP Beauty. “Puffiness from planes is 100 percent going to happen.”

Add in seasonal allergies and free-flowing rosé and you have a recipe for bloat city. Good thing Ms. Simon has pro tips at prices high and low.

At Any Price: For the most aggressive fix, Ms. Simon suggests investing in a device that delivers tiny electrical currents that speed circulation and, she said, can help flush out lymph nodes. The trick is in how to use it.

“If you have puffy eyes, you can’t just work on the eyes,” Ms. Simon said. “You have to start working on everything below it so the fluid will actually drain out of your face.” Begin at the base of your neck and move horizontally outward with each stroke, working your way up your face. “You’re pulling it to the outside edges where the majority of your big lymph nodes are,” she said. (Her own ZIIP nanocurrent device sells for $495.)