Tech that makes life in the pandemic a bit easier

By Carley Knobloch

ZIIP Beauty Microcurrent Facial

Hoo boy, I’ve been lusting after this little device for a while, watching countless YouTube videos and trying to decide if it was worth it… and then the pandemic hit and gone were my regular facials and here was a lot of time to devote to skin care experimentation. So I splurged and my ZIIP Nanocurrent device arrived in the mail! Slather on the conductive gel (which is a treatment in itself!) then sync this device to your phone and load in treatments that can solve any skincare problem from pigmentation and acne to firming and lifting. I’m partial to the lymph drainage treatment, as well as the one that makes my eyes look a bit less tired. ZIIP founder (and celebrity esthetician) Melanie Simon will walk you through each treatment in a video you load in the app— and if her porcelain skin is my “after” inspiration, I’m hooked.

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It’s impossible to make sense of this crazy moment in time we’re all living through.

For many people, it means a lot of suffering—illness, the loss of loved ones, and the loss of jobs and livelihoods. For others, it means heroism—healthcare workers clocking insane hours and grocery store clerks working overtime to keep food on the shelves, both while putting their own safety at risk. For many of us, though, doing our part to “flatten the curve” simply means… staying home for what feels like an eternity.

In our house, Mike’s on non-stop Zooms and calls, Spencer’s finishing his first year of university on his laptop, and Annie is working on her guitar skills and missing her friends’ hugs. (Man, how good was the timing on her bedroom makeover now that she’s there full-time?!)

With all of us together, I’ve been focusing on embracing the slow down the quarantine has forced on us. That means painting, reading, dog (and teen!) haircuts, lots of good cooking, yoga… and, of course, cuddling. It feels a bit prescient that I had already started edging towards a “less tech at home” ethos.

But less tech doesn’t mean no tech. I remain eternally enthused about gadgets that make our home lives easier and simpler. And at this moment in time, when we literally can’t get out of the house, those are even more necessary. So, I’m sharing the home tech essentials that are keeping my family healthy and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic.