Written By Katrina Froelich

It’s pretty amazing that we have a supercomputer in our pockets. We can Google just about anything and find the answer to any question within seconds. So it’s about time that the tech world and the beauty world collided.

Beauty Gadgets are here, and they’re better than ever.

The right beauty gadget can make your life easier, your skin better and help you save time. There’s a gadget for just about everything, acne, blotchy complexion, wrinkles and more.

But let’s be real, where do we even begin? Here are my favorite beauty gadgets!


ZIIP OX is an FDA-cleared at-home electric facial device that syncs with an app, making it possible to send treatments for lifting, sculpting, acne, pigment, eyes, and more from your phone to your ZIIP. Use it once for glowing skin. Use it weekly to bring forth a healthy, toned complexion that gets better over time. This device comes with an organic conductive gel and really works. I have never used a device quite like this, it has so many different treatments in the app and they all show some pretty immediate results. I’m in love. My skin looks amazing and I am wearing way less makeup.