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Though spas have begun to re-open across the United States, some cities are still barring aestheticians without medical licenses from performing procedures on the face of any client, even if they take the same safety precautions that an MD would. As a result, skincare enthusiasts have retreated to their bathrooms to DIY the treatments they would usually visit a professional for.

Luckily, a number of trusted brands offer at-home solutions for your skincare woes, from acne to dullness to uneven tone. Beyond the ubiquitous jade roller, devices including facial steamers, extractors and exfoliators can transform your home into a spa. To amp up your everyday beauty routine or stage your own quarantine spa day, keep reading for the best at-home skincare tools.

ZIIP GX Beauty Electrical Facial Device

Developed by skincare guru to the stars Melanie Simon, the ZIIP uses microcurrents of electricity to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are the building blocks of bouncy, smooth skin. Users operate the device through an app by choosing from 11 different treatments targeting everything from dark circles to breakouts to enlarged pores. Basically 11 facials in one handheld device, the ZIIP is worth its hefty price tag — to learn more, read our editor’s review of the tool.

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