Tried & True: ZIIP Beauty Device


So, I was going to hold off reviewing the ZIIP Beauty Device, at least for a month or two, to see if it was really worth the nearly $500 price tag but it’s only been a week and I am blown away already by some of the results I’m experiencing.

It looks like a futuristic computer mouse and it fits in the palm of your hand and you roll it around (so to speak) all over your face and neck and it’s touted as the ‘facial. Of the future’. I have been very honest for a long time with you all…I have NEVER had any kind of Botox, lasers, procedures…in fact I have not had a professional facial in at least 12 years. (I have a bit of a ‘facial’ phobia. Long story!) So any anti-aging thing I do, is always something I can do myself, at home, so that’s why I rely on great skincare, practices and devices so heavily.

I’m 47 years old so keeping wrinkles and dark circles at bay is very important to me. As is the appearance of my neck. (I do face yoga for that, which works great to tighten!!)

So this is it. Only ONE WEEK using the ZIIP and I’m seriously impressed. My biggest issues – the nasal labial folds and deep lines around my mouth and eyes. There is no filter here and I’m not being paid one cent from the brand (like zippo!)…I’m just really impressed and want to share. (I’ve been texting with my beauty obsessed, best friend Kelly about for a few days and she really wants one for her birthday. Anyone…?!)

Yes, only one week and those deep lines seems to have noticeably and greatly been diminished. The device is so simple and fun to use but unlike some other micro current devices out there…it feels amazing. Not uncomfortable at all! So that means, I will keep using it and it will not be tossed in my bin of misfit beauty devices. (It’s a very big bin, BTW!) The devices promises to brighten and open the eye area, define cheekbones, sculpt and life as well as soften lines, reduce acne and pigment and prevent further damage. I also use it on my lips and oh wow, does it have a great plumping effect!

WHAT IS ZIIP? ZIIP is a handheld electrical skincare device. The technology behind ZIIP is groundbreaking: tiny, energetic currents are pushed into the skin through positively and negatively charged discs located on the bottom of the ZIIP. So for example, envision a battery where there is a positive and a negative end. The energy runs between the two polarizing ends and into whatever it’s in contact with giving it life; in this case, the skin. When used regularly, the ZIIP will help leave skin revived, refreshed and lifted.

It’s basically an electrical facial in the palm of your hand. The device uses nanocurrents and microcurrents to communicate with your skin cells, increasing their effectiveness, prompting them to heal, and encouraging them to make an abundance of collagen and elastin. The result is healthy, lifted, glowing skin that gets better over time.

ZIIP Beauty (which you can buy from for $495) includes the Ziip beauty device and 80ml. Gold Conductive Gel. This serum pulls the waveforms into the skin. It also allows the device to move across the skin properly. The Golden Conductive Gel is a treatment serum with masque-like concentrations of bio placenta, growth hormones, hematite, and gold, which is highly conductive.

The device was created by lifelong friends Melanie Simon and mechanical and product development engineer David Mason. Simon, a renowned electrical esthetician and entrepreneur, developed ZIIP as a way to share her coveted in-office nanocurrent expertise with the world and make the technology accessible at home. Simon has been recognized and prominently featured in media throughout the world. She is a well-respected expert in the skincare industry and has practices on the east and west coasts.

There’s an app that you download and Melanie walks you through everything you need to know and you can choose from a variety of treatments that best meet your needs: pigment, acne, puffiness…there’s nine treatments to pick from (ranging from 2 minutes – 12 (whatever you have time for) and all you have to do is load up the app on your phone, pick the treatment and it syncs your device so you’re ready to roll!

If the treatment is four minutes long, then the video will mimic the treatment verbatim stroke by stroke. Melanie will start with the basics such as turning on the device and go on to provide expert tips during her demonstration to allow for optimal results. The goal of ZIIP is to not only provide a timeless, cutting edge device for consumers to use at home or on the go, but to also offer top-notch support so that the ZIIP

Your results may vary with this device but all I can say about my experience so far…WOW!


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