We’re Obsessed with This Nanocurrent Treatment for Skin

Breakout-prone? Sensitive? Dry? Combination? Something called the ZIIP OX uses nanocurrent to leave skin glowy, lifted, smooth, plumped, and renewed. It’s pretty amazing—no matter what your skin type—and its creator, the legendary electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon (above), says it works even if you use it as little as once a month.

California-based Simon’s own angel-baby skin, the kind of impossibly glowy, flawless complexion that’s more often than not the result of Insta filters, is perhaps the next-level nanocurrent device’s best advertisement. She developed it to use on her own skin, as well as her clients’ (she’s famous for the high-tech nanocurrent facials she’s been doing for over fifteen years). “The ZIIP OX puts out up to 10 million different combinations of electrical currents for treating skin,” she says.

The current is aimed at stimulating collagen and elastin within the skin. Simon has created nine different electrical treatments that you sync to your phone via a free app. Each treatment targets a particular skin concern: The Primer (radiance-boosting), Energize (firming, tightening, sculpting), Sensitive Energize (gentle currents to achieve a similar effect), Instant Gratification (the most intense, for amping up glow and highlighting bone structure), Pigment Treatment (tone-evening and spot-treating), Total Clearing (breakout-, blackhead-, and whitehead-calming), Quick Fix (pore-tightening and energizing), VitalEyes (depuffing), and Lymph + Lift (instant sculpting lymphatic drainage).

There are easy how-to videos for each treatment, featuring Simon herself. Below is a clip from the one for Lymph + Lift, which comes preloaded in the device because, according to Simon, “We all have lymphatic fluid building up in our faces that needs to go. Think of it as draining a dirty pond. When you move all that junk out, there’s no more fluid hanging out in the jowls, undereye area, under your cheekbones, or down at your neck pulling your face down. It’s incredibly sculpting.”


RMS Lip2Cheek Goop

Sometimes your glow is so good that you just have to draw even more attention to it. Simon swears by this whisper of skin-warming pigment dotted at her lips and cheeks.

Another reason we love it: The conductive gel it needs to work is totally clean (others are not). Simon developed it to comply with goop’s clean beauty standards, and she says to think of the gel more like a serum. “It’s made with active ingredients like glutathione—a skin-plumping amino acid—collagen-supporting Veronica flower, organic glycerin, and cedar bark extract, which is a source of polyphenols and resveratrol that’s also sustainable and environmentally protected,” she says. The gel is completely plant-based and cruelty-free: “This is a heavy hitter,” she says. It leaves skin undeniably silky, soothed, and gleamy. “You can definitely use the gel without the device—it’s that nourishing and glow-boosting,” Simon says. “I put it on at night and go to sleep with it. And I love that it smells a bit like a forest.”

The OX is powerful enough that you don’t need to use it every day. “Two to three times a week is great, or just once if you’re busy. I use it once a week and do several treatments all at once,” says Simon. “If you’re doing it once a month, do the Lymph + Lift treatment and follow it with the Energize for a total of nineteen minutes.”

Simon sees the combination of skin care, energy, and electricity as the ultimate holistic approach. “My grandma Barbara is in her eighties and uses her OX three times a week,” she says. “Everyone asks her if she’s had a face-lift. She’s taken fifteen years off her face. She’ll say”— Simon feigns a comically creaky, old voice—“‘Have you seen my Ziiiiiiiiiiiip? I need that iPad thingy.’”

Others are just as obsessed. “My clients are stunned when they see themselves after a treatment,” Simon continues. It’s the morning after the Golden Globes, and she’s understandably exhausted. For most of us, the televised event is a delightful spectacle, but for a sought-after, nanocurrent-wielding facialist who’s responsible for some of the most famous—and famously glowing—stars on the planet, it involves a bit too much of an energy output.

SOURCE: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/1489666080628/were-obsessed-with-thisnanocurrent-treatment-for-skin