Worldwide Beauty trends: Hollywood’s favorite anti-wrinkle gadget

The new generation of anti-aging gadgets is transforming our bathrooms into dermatologists’ treatment rooms. The latest Hollywood favorite is the ZIPP Nano Current Skincare Device sold exclusively at Violet Grey. The electric nano-current device was developed by a team of engineers, dermatologists and scientists and supervised by the esthetician Melanie Simon. The different electric cocktails, with adjustable power and frequencies via an iPhone app, regenerate skin tissue, stimulate lymph and blood circulation, all while boosting collagen and elastin production.

Four pre-programed options allow for varied usage, two to three times per week: Energize works in 12 minutes, with a soft tingling sensation, Sensitive promises the same benefits but without the tingling sensation for increased comfort, Total Clearing cleanses break-outs in eight minutes with a slight pulling sensation and VitalEyes decongests eye bags and clears dark circles in only four minutes with a slight pulsing sensation. For even more dramatic results, Violet Grey recommends using it with Golden Conductive Gel Treatment: individual doses packed with human growth hormone, myorelaxing peptides and gold electrolytes.

What you can expect: The reduction of both lines and acne and an overall improvement in skin elasticity and radiance. For younger skin, it makes a great long-term maintenance solution.

ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device, $495 (with 18 gel conductive dosettes, for 2 months of treatment). and