Beauty Lessons: Plump Lips Sans Syringe

ZIIP creator Melanie Simon gives an exclusive tutorial on the at-home treatment that yields fuller lips in just 4 minutes.


Around the VIOLET GREY offices, the ZIIP handheld device is considered the holy grail of at-home beauty tools. For the uninitiated, it’s a sleek little gadget, created by aesthetician Melanie Simon that uses electrical nanocurrents to address skin concerns from crow’s feet to acne.

The device connects to an iPhone app, where Simon’s flawless face guides users through their desired regimen—anti-aging, clearing, and so on. This week sees the launch of her new Instant Gratification treatment, which enlists a stronger current to reveal a more supple, bright, red carpet–ready complexion in only 4 minutes (her original full-face treatments require 8 to 12 minutes). And in honor of the occasion, Simon bestowed an exclusive bonus treatment on VIOLET GREY, teaching us one of her favorite tricks for plumper, younger-looking lips in a cool 4 minutes. So prime your ZIIP, and follow along with Simon’s secret tutorial, above.