Calm / Heal / Tone

Sometimes a gentle nudge is just what we need to feel our best and brightest - and the same is true with our skin.

That’s why our Sensitive Energize treatment is programmed with a healing touch in mind, and helps to address skin redness, skin inflammation, dry redness resulting in splotchy skin, and any sort of skin irritation. Designed for those with ultra-sensitive skin, and for anyone asking how to calm irritated skin, this rejuvenating and preventative treatment works wonders. Making use of gentle nanocurrents, it helps massage, tighten, and brighten skin by soothing redness and irritation, smoothing out fine lines, and preventing further skin damage. We like to think of the Sensitive Energize treatment like an at-home facial and spa, helping you relax and bringing out your skin’s healthy glow. Recommended 3 times a week, this wonderfully indulgent 12-minute treatment will quickly become a staple of anyone’s beauty routine. Just because most people do not feel anything at all while doing this treatment, does not mean it’s not working! What it does mean is that ZIIP’s nanocurrents are in perfect harmony with the electrical waveforms that are naturally present in our skin. If you dedicate time to this treatment consistently over a month, you will see the most dramatic results ZIIP has to offer.