Contour / Radiance / Debloat

Think of this as Pilates for your face, sculpting and toning away bloating and puffiness.

The Lymph & Lift treatment works as a kind of at-home lymphatic drainage facial, helping to contour the face/jaw. This stimulating program works to clear lymphatic pathways and lift the skin, helping to firmly address face lines, wrinkles, tech neck, and dark circles. The benefit of non-surgical face contouring is in the ease, and power of this at-home treatment. No matter if you’re feeling bloated, just stepped off a plane, or spent the night eating a bit too much salt, the Lymph & Lift treatment can help you return to that non-puffy state and give your skin a healthy glow. Recommended 2-3 times weekly and only 7-minutes per treatment session, Lymph & Lift makes a clear, radiant complexion easily attainable, and at-home face sculpting simple. Paired with one of our hydrating conductive gels and pre-programmed into our ZIIP OX, this treatment is perfect for looking and feeling your best - no matter where it is you’re going.