Lift / Sculpt / Awaken

We all deserve to do something good for ourselves now and again, and there’s nothing like getting exactly what you want when you want it.

Our Instant Gratification treatment is all about immediate, powerful results to help tone, contour, and truly awaken your skin. This unique treatment makes use of deep waveforms that penetrate down into the facial muscles to help brighten your complexion, make your skin glow, and give your face that firmer, defined look we all dream of. The powerful results of this at-home non-surgical face lift is in the way the waveforms enhance and define your bone structure, working in tandem on your skin to give you a more overall youthful appearance. The best part? Use it whenever you want! At 4-minutes a session, Instant Gratification is the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion. Do it twice in a row for even more dramatic results. This treatment is a favorite of celebrity makeup artists, who use it to prep the skin before makeup at red carpet events.