Prep Skin / Brighten

The journey to bright, vibrant skin begins here.

Think of the Primer at-home facial treatment as your first step towards clear and smooth skin. This microcurrent facial is designed to increase blood flow to the skin, giving you an immediately subtle flush and increasing the efficacy of whichever treatment you choose next. In fact, we recommend starting with this facial treatment every time you ZIIP, as it helps you achieve a glowing complexion along with your continuous skin maintenance. A simple 2-minute Primer treatment can have an almost immediate effect on your whole face, visibly addressing dull skin and loss of firmness. The result is overall healthier skin, a clearer complexion, more even skin tone, and a kind of plumping and filling effect that helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Primer acts as a powerful, catalytic push to supercharge your future face sculpting and address skin concerns at lightning-fast speed.