Treat + Prevent / Acne / Bacteria

We all want clear skin. Whether you are battling acne, dealing with a hormonal cyst you can feel making its way to the surface, or looking to prevent future breakouts, Total Clearing is the ultimate electric cleanser. Bacteria does not thrive in an environment treated with our Total Clearing program. Whether you feel a pimple coming, or already have pesky whiteheads and blackheads to get rid of, our Total Clearing treatment is the definitive answer to your complexion concerns. This unique treatment, which uses a specifically-charged waveform to banish bacteria, works on existing acne, whether it is simply a spot that needs to be treated or your entire face. Due to the power of the Total Clearing treatment, we recommend using for up to 8 minutes, three times per week for extreme acne, or as little as 1 minute whenever you have a specific spot to treat, one to two days per week. Do not use more than one time in a 24-hour period. Yes, it’s that strong and effective.