Treat + Prevent / Melasma / Sun Spots

PIgment comes in many forms, and for many different reasons, including those related to age, sun exposure, acne, and hormonal fluctuations. It is tricky to treat, but getting a clear, consistent and vibrant improvement to the overall appearance of the skin is an achievable and even sustainable goal with ZIIP.

Our Pigment treatment works to both address and prevent various skin concerns including: sun spots, hyperpigmentation, the effects of long-term clogged pores, and melasma. More than just a spot treatment, Pigment is designed to suppress overactive melanin production and keep your skin tone beautifully consistent. Enjoy an even, polished skin tone without the tedium of repeated chemical peels and other invasive treatments. For best results, we recommend using this treatment no more than twice a week for up to 6 minutes, then once weekly for 1-2 minutes as your pigment improves. But the best part? Although we designed our Pigment treatment to be used across the entire face, it operates equally well as an individual pigment spot treatment. Say goodbye to the days of painful peels and hello to the future with ZIIP.