Consistency is key – especially when it comes to achieving the best skin of your life. 

Track your consistent one month progress with ‘before & after’ photos. They’re a wonderful way to showcase your transformative results to see exactly how far you’ve come on your ZIIP skincare journey. Create the most powerful photos with these helpful tips: 

  • Stay consistent. Make sure your location, angles and lighting remain the same.
  • Natural lighting is always the most flattering, especially when it’s shadow-free.
  • Maintain a relaxed and neutral expression.
  • Ensure that you stand out with a plain background. A white wall works wonders.
  • The ‘toggle’ feature for ‘before & afters’ can really show your progress in a single frame. Take your photos head-on, facing the camera.
  • To see your results clearly, try to mirror your ‘after’ position to your ‘before.’
  • Although not essential, wearing the same neutral-colored clothing will also help to highlight your results.

We’d love to see your progress. Submit your before & after images here.