"I’ve been doing two Instant Gratifications and a Pigment, and my friends thought I had a facelift!!"

Instant Gratification + Pigment

"The technology behind ZIIP is amazing: small, energetic vibrations are pushed into the skin through positive and negatively-charged discs on the bottom of your ZIIP, giving your skin life!"

Amanda Chantal Bacon

"I have an olive complexion and am in my late 30s, so I battle fine lines and some pigmentation from occasional breakouts. I use my ZIIP device 3 times a week, each time using a different electrical cocktail. I have been diligent about doing this for about 7 months and have found my fine lines fading away, dark spots lightening up and my skin has never been tighter or brighter."

Khira Karam

"I'm an attorney working with very little sleep and always hated looking in the mirror in the mornings...until I bought myself a ZIIP for my birthday and now I get that restful look no problem"

Dana Lucia Pellegrino



"Four times a week, I use the ZIIP Nano-Current Skincare Device which brings my face to life."

Emily Weiss

"I've been using this 2-3 times per week for a month, and it is without a doubt the best at-home anti-ageing treatment I have ever come across. My skin glows, and is firmer and more lifted. My eyelids are not longer as droopy as they were. The under-eye area is noticeably firmer and less puffy. My nose-to-mouth lines are less pronounced."

Amy Bellis
On the Debbie Treatment for 4 weeks

"Paired with the gel, you can barely feel it when you’re using it but you can definitely see the results! The ZIIP does it all!"

Chriselle Lim

"I am shocked at how effective it is"

Rebecca Ravenna

"I'm having the best results! I'm 40 and my skin looks better than when I was younger"

Angela Isaza

"What I love about this is how effortless it is to use."

Newby Hands

"When I use it, my skin is good, which seems simple enough for such a high-tech gadget."

Ali Oshinsky
Energize, Total Clearing, Pigment, & Quick Fix