How do the ZIIP OX, GX and HALO devices differ?

We have launched the ZIIP HALO, the next era in electrical skincare. Delivering the much loved ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology in a new compact device, the ZIIP HALO will be replacing the current GX and OX models. But don't worry; the ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX remain as powerful as they were and will continue to deliver out-of-this-world skincare results.

All ZIIP users can continue to access guided clinic-grade treatments via the ZIIP Beauty App, which have been expertly curated by Melanie Simon, founder of ZIIP and celebrity esthetician. The app now features a device selector integration to allow you to select your device and sync with the treatments developed specifically for your ZIIP model.

Whether you have the ZIIP OX, GX or the latest HALO model, discover the differences between each device below and learn more about the best way to use them to achieve your skincare goals.


The two models operate in the same way; the only differences are that the ZIIP GX and OX come pre-loaded with either the Energize or Sculpt & Lift treatments. 

The other main difference between the GX and OX is the Conductive Gel packaged alongside the device. The GX came with Golden Gel (with added 24 carat gold for powerful skin rejuvenation), whilst the OX came with Crystal Gel (an organic, natural formula for calming the skin). Both these gels are still available to purchase on the ZIIP site.

What does the ZIIP HALO Offer? 

After feedback from millions of treatments by our ZIIP community, this has allowed us to launch the next evolution in ZIIP technology. The ZIIP HALO has been designed with ease of use in mind - it is both compact and lightweight in design, with a glowing band to indicate the ZIIP HALO is working its magic, glowing brighter when in contact with the skin. The ZIIP HALO can also be used without having to download the ZIIP Beauty App. Instead, users can simply pick up and go with the pre-programmed 4-minute THE LIFT facial.

Every treatment of THE LIFT delivers microcurrent to the skin, the waveforms of the treatment that you’ll feel stimulating your muscles for an instant lift that can last up to 72 hours. It also harnesses the secret superpower behind all ZIIP HALO treatments - nanocurrent - to give lasting results that just improve over time. You can't feel these waveforms as they work their magic on a cellular level, rejuvenating and repairing the skin from within. Nanocurrent starts working from your first treatment,  but it takes 6 weeks of treatments for you to really experience the HALO EFFECT - youthful, calm & rejuvenated skin that truly glows.

Every ZIIP HALO comes paired with a travel size bottle of our new Electric Complex Gel. This lightweight conductive Gel is the core formula in all our Conductive Gels to help conduct the ZIIP power through the skin and is suitable for all skin types. The ZIIP Golden, Crystal & Silver Gels are still available to help elevate your results with powerful active ingredients.

Unlike the GX and OX, the pre-programmed treatment on ZIIP HALO will always reset back to THE LIFT treatment. If you want to try a different treatment, sync your ZIIP HALO via the ZIIP Beauty App.

How to use your ZIIP device

Your ZIIP comes fully charged.If you have the ZIIP HALO, you can start immediately without the app and enjoy the LIFT treatment without syncing to the App. If you want to access additional Full Facials, Targeted Treatments or Plans, sync your device via bluetooth for guided tutorials from the expert Electrical Esthetician and ZIIP founder, Melanie Simon. Download our app for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store; select the device you will be using in the drop-down menu on the App to access all of our electrical treatments.

  • First, wash and dry your face. Then apply a generous amount of your chosen Conductive Gel. 
  • Start your first treatment by turning on your ZIIP by pressing the circular button on top of the device if you have the GX or OX. If you have the ZIIP HALO turn your device on underneath the device between the two globes. 
  • Your device will beep once to let you know it is on. On the GX/OX all the lights will briefly flash and go out, waiting for you to make contact with your skin. When using ZIIP HALO, your device’s 'halo’ will glow once you have turned your device on. When you touch both globes to the face, the 'halo band’ will light up even brighter, communicating that your treatment has started. Powerful vibrations will guide your movements; you can't go wrong if you move up and out to the edge of your face. 
  • Follow the steps of your treatment of choice in the ZIIP beauty App if you wish to follow a guided treatment.
  • For best results, we recommend using your ZIIP 3 times per week, with a maximum of 6 times per week (6 times only recommended when following an intensive plan).
  • After completing a treatment, your device will double beep to let you know your treatment is complete. 
  • To clean your device use a soft cloth and store in the soft travel bag. To deep clean the bottom of your device, an alcohol solution can be applied with soft cloth.
  • To charge your device, ZIIP HALO uses a USB-C charging cable and the GX and OX uses the micro USB cable (these come provided with your device)

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Get ready to experience beauty elevated with ZIIP HALO, the next era in electrical skincare.