Crystal Gel

Crystal Gel
Our Crystal Gel is the link between your ZIIP and your skin. It functions as an optimal conductor for our currents, a powerful masque, and an intensive treatment.In addition to our Electric Complex, Crystal Gel is packed with glow-inducing actives chosen to plump and brighten skin. Crystal Gel is silicone-free, oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free. It is ideal for sensitive skin types.


Now it’s possible for an electric facial experience to be completely clean: Before every treatment, you will apply Crystal Gel, the first conductive gel made with organic ingredients. It’s what enables our electrical currents to transfer from your ZIIP device to your skin, while delivering skincare actives focused on radiance and repair.

It starts with our Electric Complex, a mix of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin and dehydrated seawater, which is saturated with the electrolytes magnesium, potassium, and sodium, to get the electrical currents flowing from your ZIIP device to your skin.

Then we added glutathione for major radiance, Veronica flower to kick up collagen production, and cedar bark extract for damage repair.


In order for ZIIP’s electrical currents to transfer safely and effectively to your skin, you need a generous amount of conductive gel. Every one of ours begins with the Electric Complex.

The Electric Complex is a combination of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, a sugar complex that is one of the most conductive materials on earth, and dehydrated seawater, which is saturated with electrolytes, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

We designed it to work overtime, nourishing the skin while also providing the most efficient and energetic delivery of current imaginable. It is currently in each of our gel formulas: Golden Gel, Silver Gel, and Crystal Gel.



Which gel is right for you?

Here’s the good news: 

All three gels conduct current identically and can be used with any one of our Electrical Treatments. The difference is in the skincare needs they target.

Use Golden Gel if your main concerns are firmness, sagging, and lines.

Use Silver Gel if your main concerns are hydration and brightening.

Use Crystal Gel if you want organic ingredients that deliver radiance and repair actives deep within the skin. 


We recommend using a generous amount of conductive gel before every treatment. Our founder Melanie likes to use 9 pumps to cover her entire face and neck. If she’s doing more than one treatment at a time, she’ll add more gel before each one.

You can leave the conductive gel on as an intensive masque for up to 20 minutes following the Energize, Sensitive Energize, Instant Gratification, or VitalEyes treatments, which use alternating nanocurrent and microcurrent.

We recommend rinsing off the conductive gel right after using Pigment, Total Clearing, or Quick Fix. These programs use direct current, which pulls debris to the skin surface, making it necessary to remove gel soon after treatment.


The introduction of Crystal Gel marks a first in the beauty world: by bringing a formula that is over 80 percent organic, completely plant-based, cruelty-free and highly conductive.

Crystal Gel was formulated with active ingredients centered on radiance and repair, including glutathione, an immune-supporting amino acid and antioxidant found in every cell of the body.