ZIIP's vision transcends the conventional realm of skincare as we believe anyone can achieve profound, untapped beauty through the power of electricity.

In 2015, renowned Electrical Esthetician Melanie Simon and our technological virtuoso, David Mason, introduced the world to the first-ever app-connected beauty device, ZIIP GX. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to innovation, securing patents, and leading the integration of technology, advanced programming, and electrical currents into an ever-evolving at-home beauty device.

Over the years, our brand story has been enriched by the stories of many who have experienced the transformative power of ZIIP. From the skincare-conscious seeking solutions to address imperfections to celebrity MUAs prepping A-Listers for that red-carpet glow, ZIIP has become a trusted partner.



Meet the visionary behind ZIIP – Melanie Simon, co-founder and creator. With over two decades of experience in the world of microcurrent and nanocurrent technology, Melanie coined the term “Electrical Esthetician” to reflect her revolutionary work in skincare.

Melanie has performed what Vogue describes as the “holy grail of treatments” to clients including Mandy Moore, Sarah Paulson, Eva Mendes and many more across prestigious locations like Los Angeles, New York, Montecito, and Jackson Hole.

Her expertise has earned global recognition; upon winning a 2018 Elle Genius Award, she was dubbed “the Nikola Tesla of facialists”, thanks to her ability to reveal profound, untapped beauty through the power of electricity.

What captivated Melanie the most while earning her esthetician license was the power that electrical currents had to infuse life back into the skin. Our founder discovered that pairing different electrical waveforms, specifically microcurrents and nanocurrents, gave the most lasting, profound effects on the skin. This electric duo is what we channel into our intelligent Dual Waveform Technology™, and it remains unparalleled in the world of skincare.



Meet David Mason, co-founder and COO of ZIIP and the driving force behind our patented technology. His career has been defined by his insight into the psychology of human behavior and his ability to approach complex challenges with an engineer's precision.

David's early professional journey involved crafting digital dashboards for the automotive industry and military armory. Simultaneously, he pursued a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Moving to Silicon Valley, he worked on visionary projects at the cloud computing giant Salesforce.

David's journey into electrical esthetics began when Melanie, his sister's close friend, reached out with a vision to elevate skincare routines. They discussed the possibility of pairing multiple wavelengths into one treatment, giving the user access of achieving multiple skincare goals with a single solution. Recognizing the opportunity to leverage his engineering expertise, he joined with Melanie to bring the world's first app-connected beauty device to life.

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