ZIIP’s mission is to strike beyond the boundaries of skincare. As the first-ever app-connected beauty device, we have patented and pioneered the ways in which technology, sophisticated programming, and electrical currents can be incorporated into an at-home tool. It is the nexus of your new routine—a device that is there to meet (almost) every one of your needs.

Think of your ZIIP as an exquisitely beautiful battery that creates a circuit with your skin. It is able to send nanocurrents and microcurrents of varying waveforms to increase cell energy, communication, and repair. The electrical currents we use have been shown to increase ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, in skin cells. ATP is a naturally-occurring molecule that provides cells and muscles with usable energy. As we age, the amount of ATP available to us at any given time decreases. When the skin has access to more ATP (it has been shown that low levels of electricity can increase your rate of ATP by up to 500 percent), it can create more collagen and elastin as well as help the skin heal from the inside out.

Our app, which is available for free in the App and Google Play stores, allows you to instantaneously and wirelessly send different electrical treatments to your device at any time, from anywhere in the world. Using one of our seven electrical treatments, you can sculpt without surgery, contour cheekbones and jawline, make eyes look more awake, kill bacteria from oncoming pimples, decrease pigment production, and increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Step-by-step videos accessible in our app and here let you follow along with each treatment.

All of our technology is developed by in-house team of engineers, doctors, scientists, and skincare experts. We develop with a human touch so you can take beauty into your own hands.


Melanie Simon and David Mason are childhood friends who grew up together in Southern California. Despite divergent career paths, a shared passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology brought them back together to develop ZIIP.

Melanie Simon


Melanie Simon is the creator and cofounder of ZIIP and Melanie Simon Skincare. She is an expert in the field of nanocurrent and an electrical esthetician who has been working with clients for 15 years in Los Angeles, Montecito, California, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Upon winning a 2018 Elle Genius Award she was dubbed “the Nikola Tesla of facialists” for her ability to harness electricity in the name of lit-from-within skin.

She performs what Vogue calls the “holy grail of treatments” to a discerning and intelligent client base from around the world, but an entrepreneurial drive and a desire to bring her unparalleled electrical expertise outside of the treatment room lead her to create ZIIP in 2015 and Melanie Simon Skincare in 2018. ZIIP, the first-of-its-kind at-home nanocurrent tool, syncs with an app that allows users to access different electrical combinations designed by Simon to lift, tone, and sculpt the face, as well as treat an oncoming pimple or manage hyperpigmentation. In 2018, she launched Melanie Simon Skincare. It began as a gift to her most treasured clients: an elusive clear bottle marked with a wax seal and accompanied by specific instruction. Her secret recipe may no longer be for a sole client, but each bottle is nonetheless marked by her personal touch and charm.

David Mason


David Mason is the co-founder and COO of ZIIP and Melanie Simon Skincare, as well as the driving force behind its patented technology. From early on in his career as an engineer of futuristic and functional concept cars for Lexus and Jeep, he has been fascinated by the process of how to take a theoretical idea and turn it into a operable reality.

His career has been defined by a deep understanding of the psychology behind how people work and make things, and an ability to use an engineer’s mindset to solve complex business problems. His early career was spent working on digital dashboards for the automotive industry and military armor while simultaneously obtaining his masters in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California and his MBA from Santa Clara University. He later joined the Silicon Valley workforce, managing large teams of over 150 engineers and working on visionary future projects at the cloud computing giant Salesforce.

When his sister’s best friend Melanie approached him with an idea for a skincare device, he knew he could help, despite having no prior beauty industry experience. Together, they created the industry’s first app-connected beauty device. “I don’t think about beauty any differently than I think about the vehicle industry,” says Mason. “It’s about the right way to make a thing customers want.”