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"If You’re Going to Invest in One Skin-Care Device, Derms Say Your Best Bet Is to Make It This Face-Firming One - It *Literally* Does It All"

purewow -Dana Dickey

"I performed three sessions again and noticed a visible lift and also a more even skin tone, markedly improved from my usual rosacea-and-pale-splotches complexion."

mixed makeup

"The ZIIP Device is amazing and it really is advanced. If you feel like you want the best of the best on the market I would say look into that one."


"The Beauty And Fitness Routine Jennifer Aniston Follows To Look That Luminous - "She also uses Simon’s ZIIP nanocurrent face tool at home."

newbeauty - Annie Murphy

"Annie Murphy Says This Microcurrent Device Really Works for Better Skin."


"Dan Levy's Favorite Beauty Splurge"

The Cut - Daise Bedolla

"The ZIIP device is one of my favorite products. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff is a big fan; she does like 45 minutes to an hour of skin-care prep before she does makeup.”


"The ZIIP is just one of a fast-expanding range of high-tech skin-care tools made for at-home use."

Laptop Mag

ZIIP - "Reigns supreme as a luxury skin care device that uses a highly effective combination of nano and microcurrent technologies to amp up your at-home skin care regimen."


"Whatever your skin needs—lifting and sculpting, de-puffing, radiance, breakout-soothing, tone-evening—the ZIIP probably has a strategy for it."

yahoo! life

"Jennifer Aniston swears by this at-home skincare device."

the cut

"Fascinated, she (Melanie Simon) wound up researching electricity’s effects on skin, eventually inventing an at-home facial device, the ZIIP, which is now a regular on 'best beauty products' lists."

well + good

"The High-Tech, Do-It-All Device That De-Puffs Skin in 7 Minutes Flat."

wall street journal

"Skip the trip to the spa and try Ziip, the first commercial skin-care device with a supporting app".

bella mag

"It’s only been a week and I am blown away already by some of the results I’m experiencing."

insider beauty buzz

"Meet ZIIP, my skin’s new best friend."

harpers bazaar

"ZIIP is the newest and most innovative thing the world of dermatology has to offer in this field."

daily mail

"ZIIP, an at-home nanocurrent tool loved by Priyanka Chopra."


"I would recommend the ZIIP to anyone looking to replace or augment regular facials with an at-home device."

uncover la

"Experience her treatments via ZIIP's at-home nanocurrent device."

the zoe report

"Using the ZIIP two to three times a week allows the user to consistently create more collagen and elastin, heal tissue, stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, and diminish bacteria in the skin."


"ZIIP is a revolutionary product that uses three different currents to target specific areas of the face and neck."


"I was shocked to discover a clear difference after just one session! The side I zapped was clearly tighter, visibly lifted, more defined, and definitely more glowy."

e online

"Get ready to transform your face. The Ziip is an incredible little handheld electrical skincare device."

women's health mag

Eva Mendes - "I love the ZIIP Beauty tool for my face, a handheld electrical skincare device that works with energetic vibrations that are pushed into the skin through positive-and negatively-charged discs."

who what wear

"After just a few uses, my skin cleared, tightened, de-puffed, and looked so much brighter and dewier."

s magazine

“Delivers energy beneath the skin’s surface to create change on a cellular level.”

mind body green

"The ZIIP, among a host of other benefits, encourages lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to the face."

carley k

"Melanie Simon will walk you through each treatment in a video you load in the app— and if her porcelain skin is my “after” inspiration, I’m hooked."

bella mag



"When turned on, it promises to deliver nano-sized electrical currents deep in the cellular level of your skin meant to zap bacteria and promote younger-looking skin."


"Ziip uses microcurrents specifically to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, a driving force for collagen and elastin."

harpers bazaar

"Whether your concern is aging, acne, puffiness, or lackluster complexion, the handheld tool shows results in just one use."

artful living

"There’s a reason this device — dubbed an 'electrical facial in the palm of your hand' — has snagged an Allure Best of Beauty Award."

marie claire

"Ziip’s newest microcurrent tool uses multiple electric-current settings to give you a lift and spur lymphatic drainage for a more shapely visage."

e online

"You'll start to notice younger-looking skin, reduced signs of aging (but for real) and a decrease in acne and pigmentation."

flique editorial

"I’m in love. My skin looks amazing and I am wearing way less makeup."


"Designed to deliver nano-sized electrical currents deep into the skin, this luxe face massager helps prevent and reverse signs of aging, decrease on-set acne, smooth skin texture, and stimulate collagen production for a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion."

beauty professor

"After experimenting with it earlier this year with very positive results, I am back to using the ZIIP."

w magazine

"Fight fine lines around the eyes, tackle hyperpigmentation, de-puff, and help firm and tighten overall."

news break

"We’re Obsessed with this Nanocurrent Treatment for Skin."


"Whether your skin is breakout-prone, combination, sensitive, or dry or you just want to look more lifted and glowy, this nanocurrent device aims to stimulate collagen and elastin to make anyone’s skin look brighter and more supple."

violet grey

"The power of an anti-aging device in the palm of our hands."